Tuesday, December 27, 2011

chistmas day!!

25th of december 2011, the most wonderful date!!
jingle bells! jingle bells! jingle all the way~
wahh~~ the first christmas i ever had!! so happy~~
that day i followed my sister hang out for the whole day...
morning followed  parent went to mamak restaurant to had breakfast..
then noon go out luu..... first we went to my sis's friends house, ant jie jie to take her...
then we went to puchong's neway to sing k!! (during sing k we still wait for another jie jie, ah bin jie jie...) arrrggghhhhh~ we sang for 5 hours~
super syiok!!!! hahahaXD i sing till my voice turn to sexy voice dy.. really syiok~ (FIRST TIME!!!!!)
then we had dinner at usj2 in an organic vegetarian restaurant call "organic express"..lol~ damn nice~
we had a bowl a tom yam soup then a plate of petai fried rice, spaghetti, and a plate of pizza bread...mmmm~~~ yummy yummy!! so full and nice~ full and healthy!! but the price quite expensive too....hehee
then the jie jie(s) came to our house for over night a day...hahaaa...holiday ma~ they said the have long time din come wor...XD
that night,  ant jie jie got brought lots of alcohols and snacks to our house...all from korea and paris...(she's a stewardess oo.. :) )wahh~~ that night we had alcohols together and keng gai and eat supper...lol....drank till all face red red~hahaha...so crazy that night...heheee...all very tired dy...but then we still very late only sleep leh...almost 1 am only sleep... happy meh~
i think that night i got lil drunk..but superr nice to sleep..hahahaXDD

my 19th christmas but it is my first chrismas in my life~ happy~ love you sis!! >3< 

the christmas tree in the neway counter
geng leng!
(good bit blur tim)

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