Tuesday, December 13, 2011


yes!! yes!! yes!!!
finally~ all over..
but not so happy yet...after exam, the most suffering thing is have to wait the result come out..LOL
yesterday my mom just told me a good news..was if get 2.75 for stpm..then i have no worry to get into uni..
hmm..but have to worry also...because all the paper markers not our own teachers..who knows how they marking our papers right? just pray....

but seriously,just now when waiting the moment we end our paper, we definitely feel nothing to accept the moment come..not like finish spm...haha
but anyway, still feel happy..no need go back to the school again and meet that stupid "hao jiong"..
that day she said will take us to sabah then changed to melaka..then now?! nothing! hmmm..
what ever la.. we can have fun by ourselves though without YOU!

okay..already finish what's the plans? hmm... play? study? or jobs?
either one la..but play is the first! hehee..let's party baby!!


p/s: good luck for those who still have paper tomorrow and thusday 
 and bu-bye SEMESCO see u next year

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