Thursday, December 8, 2011

stpm almost the end

laughing or crying?
hmmm...two feelings = sot jor XD
stpm almost the end...but still feeling nothing..y?
cause even during stpm also feeling nothing..hahaa
ok la..seriously, got abit happy also got abit sad..
happy cause no need do any revisions any more!
sad because worry bout result worry bout future and leaving friends
may be i can say : these two years i am happy with the friends but unhappy with the results
ahaa...simply simply~

almost finished, but will start another life..
the people started keep asking : wai! what's your plans after stpm ar?
intensive classes,
hahaa...u can see that "play" is always the top one..
haiya...who doesn't like to play right?

 so what's ur plans? ahahaa..
politely to ask meh.. :目

lets talk about love
1. love love love = happy ever after
2. love love love = sad ever after
for u which one u're feeling?

for me, sad ever after..
not me, but my friends..
recently i'd watched my friends in fb
haiz..almost the same topics rounding inside
break up la, quarrel la...
why huh?
but of course also got few of them are sweet too..
feel happy on them

haiz...i just posted one post on my wall :

translate : haizz...together just because of love, but leaving also because of love.. for what? why?

why? because know each other then don't love then leave? then why at first together leh?
so hard and so hurt.. for what?

don't understand..

love is a topic that we never understand 

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