Saturday, December 17, 2011

random time~

random random!
so long didn't radom dy..hehee...
i met my old friend today~ amigo chey..hahaa...we talked bout lots of thinngs...
when he told me he couldn't recognize me when i'm in make-up but can recognize me when he saw my f6 pictures...then i go back and see my f6 pictures face was so round!!! ahhh....beh tahan~ how come...yeee...i don't want~ some one can help me or teach me how to make my face be sharp?? yeerrr~~ sad.. T^T i don't want chubby face~ i want leng lui face~ hehee.. (okay, just ignore me XD)

just now my sis said maybe she won't take me out when christmas...sad lor...always like that wan lor her...said will take me out gives me hope then "put" me "lang sui" again...don't like!! >< hope that day she will bring me out la...haiz....

lets say something happy.. :)
today do lots of houseworks leh...i can feel my toxins in my body become lesser..hehee..but actually have to keep exercise if not will become fatty spiggy..hahaa..XD ok! find one day ajak acap go play badminton..keep fit! >v< =3 lets be slim~~~yeay!!

ok la...finish random today la...i just wanna tell something quite lil today..that's all from me...night 

p/s: i want hang out T^T

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