Sunday, December 18, 2011

little fish ;)

today bck to selayang...
as usual...go there really nothing to do wan lor... some more give ppl FFG!! >< bad evander~ don't want good with u dy... XP and give people said i fat and old?!!!!!  hmph! go bang wall~ ><##
but happy is, chatting with little fish through mr.S S kena be postman between us...sam fu sai la~next time cheng u "lim teh" har~hahaa he also complain us so talkative..haiya girl like that one lor...hehe..don't mad har~ peace~ ;)
we talked lots of things...bout the Q-net matter la bout her exam la..bout boy boy la..bout KPOP so many things!! first time chat with a person that baru kenal can chat from morning till mou?! hahaa.. we so geng la little fish~ hehee :D pity mr.S, but i think he also enjoying the topics we'd around~ haha..true not little fish? we got new topic dy i think mr.S will very headache bout us jor...and i think he will be "tong cuka" lor~ sorry ya..i'll gim tou har wan time won't 捉住鸡叼唔停gar la...ampun ampun~ heheee...

k lil headache now...better go sleep now.. night ;p

i where got look old and fat huh?!!
(oppsss...over dy~ ;D)
go check your eyes!!!

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Doraemon≧◡≦Salmon said...

hor~~~spin spin ~~~i see it D...!!XD